Master of Science in Safety Management

Master of Science in Safety Management

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Protecting America's workforce, the general public, and the environment from injury in today's age of technological and scientific advancement has become one of the most challenging and rewarding career fields available. A Master of Science in Applied Health Science in Safety Management prepares students to respond to the needs of employees and the public, to analyze hazardous situations, and to research and apply government regulations.  Safety managers recognize risk and design methods to control hazards with management skills and techniques needed to assure safety for all.

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Suggested schedule of online courses for the Master program:
* Electives (9-12 cr.) Select in consultation with the academic advisor.

Program of Study

The M.S. in Applied Health Science with a major in Safety Management provides the opportunity to earn an advanced degree within a two-year period by completing 30 credit hours of coursework. This is a non-thesis degree.


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Dr. Kevin Slates
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School of Public Health Office  of Online Education 
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