Graduate Certificate in Sexual and Reproductive Health

Graduate Certificate in Sexual and Reproductive Health

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Our Online Graduate Certificate in Sexual and Reproductive Health is intended to give graduate students, and professionals a foundation in training in the prevention and management of sexual and reproductive health issues on a broad scale.  If your professional goals include career advancement in public health and expanding your professional network, we encourage you to apply. The programs accommodate a wide range of academic backgrounds and career experience.

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  • Our program enables working professionals and students from other disciplines to earn a graduate certificate anytime, anywhere.  
  • Our students enjoy the benefits of earning a valuable credential from a leading, accredited School of Public Health while working or studying. Admissions standards recognize the value of career experiences and progression.
  • The program is designed to be completed in less than two years and requires a minimum of 15 credit hours.
  • Throughout the course work for this graduate certificate, students will advance their skills and knowledge to support their work and to improve the status of the sexual and reproductive health in their communities and beyond.
  • Our courses are taught by leading faculty in the School of Public Health, and students have access to hands-on student services. 

Upon completion of the Certificate in Sexual and Reproductive Health, students will be able to:

  • Synthesize and critically examine scientific research-related to sexual and reproductive health. 
  • Assess the various sexuality education curricula, resources, programs based on a range of individual and community characteristics including visible and invisible diversities.
  • Develop a sexuality education course syllabus with developmentally appropriate instructional methods aligned with national teacher preparation standards, policies, and laws that reflects the diversity of the community.
  • Comprehend and critique the major systems of sexual and reproductive health surveillance and their respective methodology.
  • Summarize the legal and ethical foundations of sexual and reproductive health surveillance.
  • Review practical and theoretical concepts required for developing sexual and reproductive health research trajectories for program proposals for extramural funding.
  • Identify technical aspects related to applying for and managing extramural funds for sexual and reproductive health and practice activities, from a diverse range of funding sources.

For more information about this program, please contact:
School of Public Health Office of Online Education
(812) 855 -6812

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