Graduate Certificate Safety Management

Graduate Certificate Safety Management

Why Earn an Online Professional Certificate in Safety Management Program at Indiana University?

With the steady flow of retirements among baby boomer-aged occupational health and safety professionals in this country, it appears more than likely that the employment gap will be widening between the number of safety professionals needed and the number available. According to the National Institute of Safety and Health and the Bureau of Labor Statistics, occupational health and safety professionals are needed in every industry to satisfy regulatory and quality management requirements. The Indiana University Safety Management Program has a long-standing reputation of academic excellence for delivering top-quality safety education that students can immediately put into practice, plus give you an advantage in your industry and in the safety profession. 

Further your education to signify a commitment to your profession, potentially opening the door for more opportunities and higher earnings with current or potential employers. You’ll learn more about how to recognize, evaluate, mitigate and prevent accidents in healthcare, manufacturing, utilities, government, energy, transportation, insurance, construction, and aviation sectors. You’ll also expand your understanding of regulations, and how to integrate safety procedures into business operations.

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How You Will Benefit

  • Increase your company’s safety record and reduce injuries and occupational illness.
  • Expand your understanding of OSHA regulations and best practices in safety management .
  • Acquire an area of technical OSH expertise, and become an indispensable asset and valuable resource to your team or future team .
  • Keep your co-workers and company safe by expanding your expertise on safety issues and OSHA regulations with our Online Certificate in Safety Management.

Program of Study

  • Our program enables working professionals and students from other disciplines to earn a Certificate in Safety Management anytime, anywhere. 
  • Our students enjoy the benefits of earning a valuable credential from a leading, accredited School of Public Health while working or studying. Admissions standards recognize the value of career experiences and progression.
  • The program is designed to be completed in one year and requires a minimum of 12 credit hours.
  • Throughout the coursework for this graduate certificate, students will learn how to facilitate the delivery of effective safety education and training, use analytical methods to determine and manage risk, and evaluate and control workplace hazards.
  • In addition, a large focus will be placed on developing, implementing and evaluating safety and health programs.
  • Our courses are taught by leading faculty in the School of Public Health, and students have access to hands-on student services. 


For more information about this program, please contact: 
School of Public Health Office  of Online Education 
(812) 855 -6812

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