My Guide to SOPHAS

Applicants for MPH and MS degrees will apply via SOPHAS. Applicants for graduate certificates will apply via SOPHAS Express. Application fees are set by SOPHAS developers and may change without notice. Please check SOPHAS or SOPHAS Express for the most current fees. 

  • For updated information on admission requirements, please visit our Graduate Certificate Admissions Requirements or the Masters Program Admissions Requirements pages.
  • Focus on finishing outstanding courses or other prerequisite needs at this time, and begin reaching out to potential letter of reference authors.
  • Begin gathering the needed documentation in preparation for your application submission.
  • Take advantage of our Prospect Onboarding Module to guide you through the document gathering process.  This will help speed up the process of completing your application.
  • Check our graduate program admission page and note what is required for each deadline as this can greatly affect your timeline for submitting documents and completing your SOPHAS application.

  • For updated information on program deadlines please visit our Academic Calendar page:
  • At Least 3 Months Prior to Deadline: Begin the SOPHAS Express application; inform references of the process and ensure they have agreed to participate.
  • Complete the Colleges Attended section and References section immediately so that references and transcripts can be received by SOPHAS Express.
  • At Least 10-12 Weeks Prior to Deadline: Request that transcripts be sent to SOPHAS directly from your schools and confirm with your references that they have received the online reference request via e-mail. Request that additional copies of transcripts be sent to you directly so that you may begin entering your coursework into your SOPHAS application. Begin drafting your personal essays for each program to which you plan on applying.
  • At Least 6-8 Weeks Prior to Deadline: Monitor application for receipt of transcripts and letters of reference and follow up with SOPHAS Express on any missing items. Complete filling out application and submit it to SOPHAS Express.
  • At Least 4 Weeks Prior to Deadline: SOPHAS Express application has been submitted and all transcripts, payments, and at least two letters of reference have posted to the SOPHAS Express application. The application has received a complete date and is in line for verification.
  • Monitor your application status regularly and follow up on any incomplete or undelivered statuses until the application is “verified.”

Yes, you should submit as soon as you have completed your application. Do not wait for letters of recommendation, official test scores or transcripts to arrive. Submitting as early as you are able will expedite the processing of your application. However, once submitted no additional changes can be made (although you may add additional designations).

Once you submit, you should monitor your status in the “my status” section often to ensure all required documents are received and your application is being processed. SOPHAS will e-mail you if there is an issue with documents or coursework verification but about missing documents. Check your status often until you application is complete.

SOPHAS will only accept evaluations obtained from World Education Services (WES ICAP). SOPHAS cannot accept any documents other than the WES ICAP evaluation. For more information on applying as an international applicant, visit


While all schools and programs strive to review applications as quickly as possible, the timing varies depending on their deadlines and internal processes.

Applicants should log into both their SOPHAS and WES accounts (if applicable) often to track their application status. If there is an issue, SOPHAS and/or WES will communicate with students via email messages.


IU School of Public Health-Bloomington accepts applications for admission to graduate degree programs through SOPHAS (MS and MPH) and SOPHAS Express (Graduate Certificate).

Click on the link below to review important information regarding deadlines and events for the upcoming semester.

Application Deadlines for the Current Academic Year

1) All applicants must also complete and submit the IU Bloomington Online Graduate and Professional Admissions Application.
2) The SOPHAS Express application cycle accepts applications year-roundĀ for the Certificate program.
3) The system does close for two weeks in early August to prepare for the next cycle.
Please email your questions to .